the real YOEL ROTH
drushes Uncut Uncensured

Mishputim Part 6
0:00 Yoel Roth says It is time of war say Krias shma MARTYRDOM
0:15 come early not to miss the action in the morning a whole truck of
police cars
1:04 All family and friends you don’t enjoy going between people they
are all going on my nerves  (Yoel Roth makes sure the boys loose any
emotional attachment to family, friends and society)
2:05 you can’t fall asleep The shtoots Naar (town’s stupid boy) Lower
the Bucherim self esteem
3:40 I have a lot of tzuros talk to hashem bored talk to hashem say

4:52  will talk dirty on the people that are against him
5:42 when I will be 40 I will do also do tshuva and I will talk
5:45 I want that this drushe should go (you tube) out and Oche vavoy
and och yavoy
I will tell exactly who  this people are and there will be very very good

Yoel Roth Ideology

Instill in them loyalty and martyrdom
Instigates against parents and friends
Talk to Hashem if you have problem (he preaches against going to

Again making fun of Learning talmud (only Mishnayos) Iif life is so
hard how can you learn (Makes them pessimist and put into them
negative feeling about life)

Makes fun of Rabbis, and people that don't believe in his ways