the real YOEL ROTH
drushes Uncut Uncensured

Mishputim Part 5
0:00 talks against people in General that people are bad that against
him.  Bash all yeshivas. Rather say Mishnayos.
1:28 I am a “Shvache bucher” (makes all boys think they are bad
1:37 the best thing is if you don’t argue – don’t argue with people (let
them talk to the wall)
1:41 every boy should bring another boy – recruiting
15:51 the only thing that saves you is the Derech Halimud
2:05 Talks about putting Make Up!
2:41 Mishnayos is like makeup
3:08 Shiru Iyun Will work for your??!
3:21 fight with the wife full of tzuros Ein rega belo pega  - life is full of
bad things very negarive. How can you you learn Shiur Iyun?? Say
4:30 (Schedule of Learning)  till 1:30 PM you should be a bchur no
טרייבן מגיד שעור (no teacher bugging you)
4:58 with 2 seforim a chumosh and Mishnayos a tehilim  
5:45 this people are on the internet a whole day you don’t have to be
afraid  (threaten) from them
6:25 Shovevim is like a G&G sale
7:30 It is very hard to say Krishma!!!
7:48 making fun of Chassidishe Clothing

Yoel Roth Ideology

Degrades the boys 9by telling they are worthless Shvache bucherim)

Again making fun of Learning talmud (only Mishnayos) Iif life is so hard
how can you learn (Makes them pessimist and put into them negative
feeling about life)

Makes fun of Rabbis, שובבים