the real YOEL ROTH
drushes Uncut Uncensured

Mishputim Part 3
0:00 Derech halimud -method of studying just chanting makes you
geniuses (from saying ) makes you geonim
0:37: making fun of Rabbis Shife Tashen שיפע טאשן becomes the
ganev fun Shtot , (the robber from town)
0:54 don’t get scared of police
1: 30 Learn Gemara Shnelerheit - learn Gemara Fast
2:00 I am controlling myself on every person I have what to say
3:33 When you go collect money and people ask you where do you
learn you should not say Tifereth Hatora say by Yoel Roth
4:34 Agains shiur Iyun עיון,  talk Mishanyos.
4:50 Zug Mishnays Zug Shas Say Mishnayos Say Shas
5:07 hear the bas kol to say mishnayos.
5:47 finish shas before the wedding
5:57 ZOG SHAS   (Say shas)
6:43 bochurim head is not here if you “SAY” it cleans a person
7:07 say mishnayos
7:30 (talks about his yeshiva) It is not a cage here
8:48 Boys get married and get separated this comes from Shiur IYUN
9:30 torah is the only refuah burusy yetzer hora ... say mishnayos

in order to become a genius and advance yourself academically you
have to SAY ONLY you don't have to understand what you say just
chant chant. Yoel Roth doesn't BELIEVE in learning because it will
open the eyes of the boys. He is even saying that married people that
get divorced is only because of Shiur Iyun (deep interpretation) of the
Talmud Says his Yeshiva is not  a cage (like others are)

Every person that will come out against his ideas he will come up with
lies and false accusation about marital imbalance, incest, stealing so
the children shouldn't listen to what they say.