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Mishputim Part 2
1:30 A bucher is a problem and
יעדע טאטע איז א בחינה שוטה פאר זיין קינד
MAKES FUN OF PARENT (kids are giggling) Parents believe that a
MP3 player is the size of a suitcase
4:08 MAD about askonim , activist - making false allegation to parents
and activist  that are against him and want to close down the Yeshiva
all of them are dirty disturbed divorced people
35: 4הבא על אחותו    One father slept with his sister the other one fights
with his wife
4:50 another one threatens that either he will cut beard and peyos or
he will throw himself in the water a all people that talk against this
Yeshiva something dirty will come out against them
no boy should get impressed what they have to say (MENUVALIM)
these people don’t learn
5:55  even someone that has a Shul we will show the people who he is  
this people don’t know how to learn they are am uretz (illiterate)
6:07 an AM uretz hates a yid like an Arab hates and yid, they don’t
learn, say Mishnayos.

7:25  Making fun of people that leanrn Shiur IYUN
8:16 making fun of davening shokeling (praying)
8:30 making fun of Shadchonim Shiduch is from hashem
8:52 Bucher wants to be in a place that they don’t make bochur KUKU
with Farher Bechinos maavir sedre SHOEL MESHIV Lomich up, I want
to learn Mishnayos and Mesayem Shayes before the wedding, Smain
gezogt , Making Fun. OIB men zogt,  farshteit men, If you say you will
9:30 From this derech halimud ken men zain geonim you can become
פון דעיע דרך הלמוד קען מען ווערן גאונים


Every person that will come out against his ideas he will come up with
lies and false accusation about marital imbalance, incest, stealing so
the children shouldn't listen to what they say.

Method of Learning: saying is enough you don't have to understand
makes fun of people that learn שעור עיון (deep interpretation of the
Talmud and Gemara), they are the illiterate people, and compare their
hatred of them (the illiterate people) to him (the "geniuses") to a hatred
of an Arab to a Jew.

Makes fun of Shadchanim (MatchMakers) only Hashem Matches on
person to the other.

Note: This sentence is a preparation to the ideology of his leader the
Mohorosh that children should get married as young as 12, a fact that
was revealed a few month later when Shlomo Zalmen Schick, officialy
became the spiritual "leader" of the school, a person that has
allegation of marrying of minor is Yavniel, Israel)