the real YOEL ROTH
drushes Uncut Uncensured

Mishputim Part 1
0:58 He is begging the kids to go to the mikva
1:20 Yoel Roth Talks intensively about going to the Mikva,
it is a very good thing to do, if you touch yourself, and don’
t excuse yourself if you will have dirty thoughts.
6:58 Against all yeshivas they are KGB
7:50 talking against other yeshivas
8:00 People sin if  you talk to Hashem then Hashem will
help you
8:10 talking about Pegam Habris, there no Tshuva
8:06 Kchu Imchem Devorim Nem Verter Talk to Hashem
9: 53 all pressure come from sin

Yoel Roth ideology:
1) Only his Yeshiva is a good place to be - bashes other
2) If you sin you can just "talk" to Hashem and Hashem will
help you
3) Like his leader the Mohorosh Pegam Habris,
masturbation is the worst of the worst and only getting
married (even if you are 14) will save you from Sheol
Hatachtis (hell)